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Carnival Casino have announced that during the past 12 months their online casino has paid out multi-million dollar jackpot wins on three separate occasions to three different players.

Marty, the most recent big winner reportedly deposited just $100 into one of Carnival Casino’s slot games. Seconds later, and after just a few spins of the reel, he’d won $1,966,000! Marty’s jackpot win represented the largest payout from an online progressive jackpot ever awarded to a single player. And what’s more Marty isn’t the only online player to have struck lucky on the Golden Reel slot game. Earlier in the year Cari M won an equally impressive $1,853,850.

A Carnival Casino Spokesman said, “Carnival employees are extremely pleased at the luck of the recent winners, and Carnival Casino promises to continue providing a large variety of quality games and huge wins in a safe and honest gaming environment.”

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